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Marina Stognieva's exhibition was planned for the beginning of the year, on March 10, but the attack of russian troops on Ukraine changed the plans of all residents of the country and the event was postponed for an unknown period.  A lot of time has passed since that moment, but the war continues, rockets fly and destroy the cities of Ukraine, including the capital, where the artist lives and works.  The main goal of the russian fascists is the genocide of the Ukrainian people, their culture and identity.  This is why Ukrainian artists have created their own art front, and despite military actions, constant shelling, they create and show the world that Ukrainian culture is not only alive, but also constantly growing and developing.

 On December 21, the invincible winter holidays, one of the oldest and most respected art galleries in Kyiv opened an exhibition in which Ukrainian artist Marina Stognieva finally took part.  In wartime, every day is unpredictable, and the opening of the exhibition was once again threatened with cancellation.  All day long, an air alarm was sounded, foreshadowing a possible missile attack from the russian side.  There was also a risk of being in the dark due to constant and unpredictable emergency shutdowns of the lights.... But the stars aligned and the exhibition took place!  For every artist, this is a very touching and exciting moment.  Especially in such stormy times..

 Glory to Ukraine !

Certificate for personal contribution to the development of national culture and high professionalism.  Recipient: Marina Stognieva

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