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Thank you for being interested in and buying Ukrainian art, you support Ukrainian culture and the identity of the Ukrainian people. 

You can order the original of this painting or a print. 

Original oil painting by Marina Stognieva, created in a single version, signed by the author on both sides.  In 2020, the painting participated in the exhibition, Art Gallery "Mitets" and is part of a series of paintings by the artist on African themes.

This oil on canvas painting depicts an African couple wearing colorful traditional jewelry and clothing against a lush green background of riotous greenery.  A woman stands in front of a man, symbolizing mother nature, her hands are clenched, her gaze is determined, she is called to treat everything created by her with respect and care.  The man in the background is strong and calm, with his strong hands he carefully holds a fragile leaf.  His spirit personifies humanism towards all living things, which humanity strives for in its evolutionary development.

* Materials: oil ,acrylic on canvas

* Size: 60 * 80 cm

* Year: 2020

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