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Portraits to order. Artist Marina Stognieva

Not so long ago, fans of Ukrainian artist Marina Stognieva had the opportunity to order a portrait of themselves, family members, or friends.Picturesque works of art are a real work of art, which is not only an exquisite purchase, but also a heritage that increases in value every year.Marina Stognieva is a famous modern artist whose paintings are in many collections in the USA, Canada, France, and Great Britain. The artist is also a participant in Ukrainian and international exhibitions, the author travels the world, is inspired by the people and culture of different countries.

What you need to know when ordering a portrait:

1. You need to decide what size portrait you want to get, who will be depicted, but several people. According to these parameters, the price of the future order is formed

2. The artist works in several techniques, you need to decide in which style you want to order your portrait. It is very easy to do this - look in the "People" section with portraits in the gallery and let the author know which format you prefer.

Portrait is created with a brush, oil on canvas, based on photos provided by the customer.  Completely handmade, original work.

3. If you want to order a portrait by a certain date (for example, as a gift to newlyweds), then you need to calculate that the average time for painting a portrait is 30 days and add another three weeks for the paint to dry completely. So from the beginning of the creation to the complete drying of the painting - 1.5 - 2 months.

 4. The artist begins work on the painting only after full payment, before that all the wishes of the customer are agreed upon in order to fulfill the order as best as possible.

You can place an order by phone/Viber: +380935207431, or by writing to the mail: art_stognieva@ukr.net

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